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Chandelier Lights- A Guide

Chandelier lighting has been a prominent fixture in home design for hundreds of years. The chandelier quickly became known for the decorative and beautiful look, with elongated arms and a handful of candles. Later, crystal chandeliers became a trend, and as new glass making methods became available, chandelier production became easier and costs went down so that most people could afford to have the beauty and elegance in their home. In more recent years, chandeliers have become available in all styles, materials, and sizes. You are sure to find the perfect chandelier for your home.

The Basics of Chandelier Lighting:

The most popular use for chandeliers is the dining room; however they are not just for the dining room anymore. Living rooms and even bedrooms are great for chandeliers. This creates a sense of elegance and brings a feeling of intimacy to the space. Incorporating other types of lighting such as sconces for accent lighting further enhances that sense. The master bedroom is a great space for a smaller scale candle chandelier. It can evoke a sense of luxury and influence the mood of the space. If the room is large enough to accommodate it, consider installing a large chandelier and accent lighting. This gives you the opportunity to adjust the level of lighting to generate the preferred atmosphere.

One of the most commonly asked question pertaining to chandeliers for the dining room is how high it should be installed in relation to the table. Typically, the height of the major source of light should be 30 to 36 inches above the table. There should be at least 150 watts in all for the chandelier to provide the best amount of light.

No matter what room you are working with, think about adding a dimmer switch to vary the lighting depending on the time of day and type of activity. For family dinners and gathering go for a brighter feel, for formal dinners or a romantic feel choose a softer illumination. Click hereĀ Chandelier Lights for more.

Your room dimensions and furniture dimensions are an important when shopping for a chandelier. Keep them by your side as you shop so that you can make sure that your chandelier selection will fit the dimensions of the room nicely.


Try colorful or wrought iron chandeliers to add flair to kitchen. A very tiny chandelier evokes a sense of luxury in a guest bath or powder room. Practically any room can benefit from the added sparkle and style of a new chandelier.

To find the right style chandelier for your house, simply start with the design you are trying to achieve. Think about color, material, finish, and size. If the space is more traditional or classic, select a chandelier with more decorative details and ornamentation. If your home is more on the modern side, go for clean lines and simplicity.

When installing new light fixtures; determine the placement first. Mark the location and follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely. If you have never worked with wiring before, then hiring an electrician to help you might be good idea. Safety is always the first priority when working on any home project, especially when electricity is involved.